Prarthana Johnson

Prarthana is currently a Product Manager at Shopify leading successful product teams to deliver great product experiences for merchants and their customers. She hopes to bring her recent experiences from a startup where she led Marketing, Engineering, Product Management and Design to Shopify.

She is known to work with her peer leadership team to incept, strategize, translate, and ship products that align with business metrics. For over 18 years she has connected people through technology by bridging brand, design, product development processes, and redefining business models at companies like SoundCloud, Microsoft Skype, T-mobile, Artefact, and Nokia.

Currently, she and her partner, Ed, parent of four boys and are always on the lookout for their next adventure. They have lived together in over 6 states in the US, lived in Europe and most recently residing in Canada. As a family, they hope to never stop learning.