Hash Riaz

With a background in music technology and live sound, Hash’s passion is working with audio software and hardware. Following a creative undergraduate degree in Music Technology, Hash went on to work as a freelance sound engineer, a lecturer in the Further Education sector and curated the BrownBear events which celebrated art, music and culture through collaborations and live music.

In 2016, Hash decided to study an MSc in Audio and Music Technology from the University of York where, under the supervision of Dr Gavin Kearney, he started his journey in Spatial Audio and audio programming.

Today, Hash is the Junior Programme Manager for Abbey Road Red, the open innovation department at the studios, where Hash supports the music-tech incubator programme, academic collaborations and internal innovation projects such as Topline, the first app from Abbey Road Studios.

Hash also contributes to the Abbey Road Spatial Audio Forum, which was set up by Mirek Stiles, the studio’s Head of Audio Products, to demystify spatial audio for music creators. They are undertaking research into the benefits of Spatial Audio for the creation, capture and reproduction of musical content. The team’s research into multichannel microphone arrays for recording popular music was presented at the 143rd Audio Engineering Society convention in New York.