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What mom never told you about multi-threading (mobile edition)

When we were little kids, surely there were many taboo topics our moms never mentioned. There is actually a big chance one of those is multi-threading.

That is why in this talk we are going to walk together through the different alternatives we have nowadays in order to handle, manage and master multi-threading on mobile platforms.

Our focus will be mainly Android but all the content and techniques exposed here can be also used within other platforms for software engineering threading problem solving.

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Fernando CejasDevelopers Advocate at IBM

Paul’s talk coming soon

Paul HudsonAuthor at Hacking With Swift

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wow. very vector. such love

Mark Allison (author of has a deep love of VectorDrawable. He has spoken at conferences about how to construct and Animate them in his talk entitled “Vector All The Things”.

In this all-new talk, Mark will look at some of the features which have been added to VectorDrawable and its sibling AnimatedVectorDrawable since they first appeared in Android Lollipop 5.0 (API 21). There will be a dive in to fill windings which can cause some baffling rendering oddities, yet can be quite simple to fix once you recognise that fill windings are the cause; There will also be a look at the recently added gradient support; And, of course, there will be plenty of tricks and tips to help with your creation of fabulous VectorDrawables and amazing Animations.

Mark AllisonGDE at Android and Kotlin

Carola’s talk coming soon

Carola NitzSenior Software Engineer at VideoLabs

Data-Driven intuition

Intuition. It's a crucial ability that often helps guide us when we make design choices. But what if our intuition — the gut feeling we have when it comes to deciding whether a choice is the right one or not — can be improved by using data and research?

This talk cover how using tools like analytics and usability testing can help us to more accurately identify user problems and create proven designs that keep real people at the centre of the experience.

Temi AdeniyiHead of Design at Blinkist

Machine learning on your mobile phone

We live in the amazing world where everything is changing so quickly. Machine learning in one trend which speeds up these changes.

Do you remember Maslow Pyramid? The first layer is physiological needs (food, water, warmth, rest), the second one is safety needs (security, safety) and so on. But there is a new (modern) pyramid, where first two layers: battery life and access to wifi. Turned out the to run a machine learning model on the phone is more energy saver compared to send data outside (connection via internet required more energy, especially if you have a poor connection).

The second piece here, when you send your data outside your mobile phone, that means, that you… send data outside :). Snowden tells something more about this.

This is why running a ml model on your mobile phone sounds like a good idea. The next question is how to do it? Most machine learning algorithms (so far) has been implemented in Python or R, both looks like a bit weird for mobile technology. If you want to learn how to manage this, please come to the presentation.

Vladimir AlekseichenkoFounder & Trainer at DataWorkshop

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Think and solve for ‘User Expectations’

Wiebe ElsingaLead Developer at Egeniq

Ray’s talk coming soon

Ray HoVisual Lead at Zalando

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Effective mobile engineering to make product successful

Have you ever wondered how the best product ideas succeed? It's not only great timing, product-market fit or marketing activities. It's also about business and engineering cooperation.

In this presentation, I'll talk about our experiences with making great (and bad) ideas happen. How to deliver fast, learn from mistakes and keep your users happy (and crash free!). I'll try to find the answer to what is a perfect technical stack for mobile apps to validate ideas, recover from failure quickly, and keep high product stability.

I will show how the team of a few engineers can build the app used globally. How we develop and maintain our code, test, deliver, learn from data and iterate.

Mirosław StanekTech Lead at Azimo

Amilcar’s talk coming soon

Amilcar Guevara TorijaCreative Director at AKQA

Love & Peace (of Mind): The Unexpected Paths to Better Leadership

Our client’s idea is stupid. I don’t want to do it. Someone has erased my code. This S#&@* doesn’t make any sense. I’m tired. I hate my job! Have you ever heard any of these? Had a feeling your teammate wants to flip a table, they are under the weather, demotivated, sad, or even kind of burned out? People around you, or you as a leader, can no longer handle the steam and it starts influencing their sleeping habits, or a general quality of life?

During this talk, we would try to find out together:
- how to lead from both head and heart
- what connects team building and love
- what compassionate leadership is
- how to use mindfulness at work
→ and how to embrace those in your everyday professional life - especially when leading a team - to feel better and achieve more together.

PS. This talk is not only for managers and “owners” of stuff. All team members are more than welcome to come onboard.

Anna GawlikowskaProject Manager at Miquido

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The curious case of Android button

We interact with buttons every day to get coffee, order pizza, or start a new Gradle build. They may look simple, and straightforward, but they have a fundamental role in our environment: create a sense of power.

We all love to feel empowered and we all hate being frustrated by bad design. Your users know this as well, they want to feel immediately rewarded when they interact with your UI, and they will quickly drop your app if they get annoyed.

At Yelp, we get tens of millions button clicks a day. At that kind of scale, every pixel matters. We tune every single aspect of our buttons to make them simple and powerful but adjusting every single shadow cast, click animation, or color layer can be tricky. In this talk, we will provide a deep dive into the Android framework and the Support Library to understand how buttons are rendered.

Nicola CortiAndroid Software Engineer at Yelp

John’s talk coming soon

John SundellAuthor at Swift by Sundell

Application Security in Agile Mobile Development

Securing mobile application was never an easy task, and it got even harder in Agile development, where there is a need to rapid development and quality assurance. No, that's actually not true. With Agile, it got much easier if you know how to take advantage of it, where to seek help and how to plug security automation into Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines.

That's precisely the myth I want to debunk - security is expensive, but it doesn't need to be that cumbersome if you approach it pragmatically. If you're looking for best practices, learning resources and tools that can help you ensure higher safety of your mobile applications, then this presentation is for you!

Dawid BałutHead of Security at TestArmy


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