Legendary Abbey Road Studios in a Mobiconf 2018 line-up!

Today we roll out the news that Hash Riaz from Abbey Road Red, the open innovation department at the studios, will share the story of User-Driven Design based on Topline at Mobiconf.  It’s a new mobile app created by musicians for musicians, which has been featured at Google I/O 2018!

Music innovations at Mobiconf

Abbey Road Studios has been at the forefront of music creativity and pioneering advances in audio technology since opening in 1931. The world’s first purpose built recording studio, Abbey Road is, of course, synonymous with The Beatles, but its unparalleled history spans the invention of stereo, countless landmark recordings and the creation of film scores for movies from Raiders of The Lost Ark and The Lord of The Rings Trilogy to the Harry Potter films, Gravity and Black Panther.

Building on a legacy of more than 86 years of groundbreaking audio technological innovations, Abbey Road Red is the open innovation department designed to support the endeavours of the brightest music tech entrepreneurs, researchers and developers. The Abbey Road Red incubation programme is the first one of its kind in Europe – to support the most promising music tech start-ups, as well as collaborating with the brightest minds in academic research and our internal innovation drive.  Red is now building an R&D operation, creating demos, workshops and prototypes for musicians, including Topline, a new recording app for songwriters. To develop Topline with Miquido, Red worked closely with emerging songwriters and producers from across London to understand their creative needs. This talk will discuss the principles of domain-driven design and how listening to your users can shape your app roadmap.

About the speaker

With a background in music technology and live sound, Hash’s passion is working with audio software and hardware. Following a creative undergraduate degree in Music Technology, Hash went on to work as a freelance sound engineer, a lecturer in the Further Education sector and curated the BrownBear events which celebrated art, music and culture through collaborations and live music.

In 2016, Hash decided to study an MSc in Audio and Music Technology from the University of York where, under the supervision of Dr Gavin Kearney, he started his journey in Spatial Audio and audio programming.

Hash also contributes to the Abbey RoadSpatial Audio Forum, which was set up by Mirek Stiles, the studio’s Head of Audio Products, to demystify spatial audio for music creators. They are undertaking research into the benefits of Spatial Audio for the creation, capture and reproduction of musical content. The team’s research into multichannel microphone arrays for recording popular music was presented at the 143rdAudio Engineering Society convention in New York.

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How to buy a ticket for Mobiconf?

That’s easy. Please visit a registration page and follow the simple form. Mind that registration is open only until 18thof September 2018!